1 Day Course:     £25                                          

Fully accredited, online training, via our online training portal.

This course is designed to provide you with the essential knowledge necessary to help reduce or eliminate the occupational risk of blood-borne pathogens and develop a comprehensive exposure control plan (ECP)

This training will let you know everything you need to avoid to prevent accidental exposure to potentially infectious materials and how to manage a accidental exposure if one occurs.

If you work in the Permanent Makeup industry, or if you are in any position where you might be in contact with blood during your line of work, you are going to need to have blood-borne pathogens training.


Training is available for all of our VTCT Level 4 Microblading & Micropigmentation students FREE as part of their course, as we believe this is a huge part of keeping you safe during treatments.

Blood-borne pathogens are microorganisms that are located in the blood, as well as in other bodily fluids. They are infectious and they can cause a range of different problems with those that are infected including diseases like hepatitis B and hepatitis C, syphilis, and HIV to name a few. Because of the dangers associated with blood-borne pathogens, it is important for those who are working around them in any capacity to have proper training.

Students who are working in the permanent makeup industry will certainly want to make sure that they have training so they can continue working safely. Anyone who has contact, not only with clients but with any of their bodily fluids should have training.

Blood-borne pathogens are found not only in blood, but also in bodily fluids. Contamination can occur when there is exposure to these elements. For example, any item that is considered a “sharps” item, that could penetrate the skin could cause a transfer of the pathogens.

One of the most important lessons that the training should instil is the fact that those who work in these environments should learn to treat all blood and bodily fluids as contaminated. This will ensure that you are always using the proper procedures when you are working in these environments, and it can help to reduce your risk and the clients.

Proper training is going to provide you with knowledge regarding common blood-borne pathogens and the risks they present, the precautions that you need to take when handling blood and other bodily fluid, the processes and procedures for handling exposure to blood, identifying danger, and limited risk and exposure.

Training is typically going to include how to handle sharps and equipment that is used for Permanent Makeup, along with other items that might have been contaminated.

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