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Training:     £300
VTCT is one of the leading examination boards in the Beauty Industry.
This qualification is completed via online modules and ONE-day practical training, making it ideal for theory completion during lockdown.
This certification is valid for 3 years!!
VTCT Level 3 Emergency First Aid at Work Essex

This qualification is both internationally recognised and government approved.

The VTCT Level 3 Award in Emergency First Aid at Work is aimed at learners who wish to attain knowledge and the practical competency required to deal with a range of workplace first aid situations. There are no formal entry requirements for this qualification.

During this qualification, you will learn the roles and responsibilities expected of an emergency first aider. You will be able to assess, recognise and manage a casualty with a range of injuries and symptoms.

It is very important to make sure you have a first aid qualification, no matter what business you have, be it beauty or injectables. This is a recognised qualification, both in the UK and Worldwide and is seen as the highest standard you can reach with certification.


This course is recognised by all major insurance companies and council regulatory bodies.

It will show your potential customers that you take their health and safety seriously, and are working in conjunction with all possible regulations for their benefit.

Once payment has been made for your course, you will be granted access, your course manual will be given to you on your practical training day.

Please be aware that dates will not be given until lockdown has eased!


What this course covers:

  • Understand the role and responsibilities of a First Aider.

  • Assess an incident.

  • Provide first aid to an unresponsive casualty.

  • Provide first aid to a casualty by administering Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR).

  • Provide first aid to a casualty who is choking.

  • Provide first aid to a casualty with external bleeding.

  • Provide first aid to a casualty who is suffering from shock.

  • Provide first aid to a casualty with minor injuries.

  • And lots more.

Full training, manual, VTCT Registration & Certification.

You will understand the role of an Emergency First Aid at Work responsible person and be able to provide a valuable skill that is not only required by employers but can be used in any given emergency situation. Throughout this qualification, you will develop your knowledge and understanding of a range of practices and theories that can be used in a variety of emergency situations. They will also develop the ability to apply practically the knowledge, understanding and skills by simulation where specified.

Students who achieve this qualification are eligible to become a recognised Emergency First Aid at Work responsible person who is able to provide emergency first aid in a safe, prompt and effective manner.

The Assessment Principles have been produced by the First Aid Awarding Organisation Forum (FAAOF) in cooperation with the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and Qualification Regulators.

The majority of this time will be spent gaining and learning practical techniques to carry out first aid in the workplace. There is also a theory content, covered via our modules, to ensure that you have the underpinning essential knowledge.


There are two ways to access it:

  • Click on the ONLINE TRAINING tab on the menu bar.

  • Download the Bella Mai Academy App via your phone in the app store.

Once you book your course and make a payment you will be sent your login details, to sign in and complete your course.​

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Bella Mai Academy Award
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