A light ash-brown colour.

Brow Mod

  • A light ash-brown color. 

    As a modifier use to correct (neutralize) red, orange or pink eyebrows on Fitzpatrick I-III skin types. 

    Use as an eyebrow color to obtain a light taupe, blonde or light ash-brown eyebrow on cool skin undertones for Fitzpatrick II-III skin types. 

    On warm undertones (peaches and cream), use as an eyebrow color to obtain a light brown. 

    May blend Brow Mod and Olive Mod together as needed. 
    Use to modify any pigment which has an orange or red base to avoid orange or red results. 

    Use as an additive in mixtures to correct  (neutralize) eyebrow, eyeliner and areola procedures that have shifted to a reddish-pink.

  • Non refundable due to health and hygeine reasons.