Our shop is open to anyone that becomes a member, but some of the access is for students that have trained with us only, so some areas you will not have access to.


As a member-only, you will have access to our Online Training Courses, which will direct you to our online training portal. We will be opening up some other areas to members that have not trained with us, in the near future.


You will have a username and password on this online shop, once you go over to the online training portal, you will have to sign up there too as it is a separate platform, we recommend you use the same email address and password for both, that way you will not forget. Once you have signed in and saved your sign-in details you will not need to sign in again.

You can make it easier, if you are just using the online training portal, by downloading our App in the app store. Just type in Bella Mai Academy.


We wanted to make the way the shop works a little simpler and give you more options, so we have added a new sign-in account for you to keep track of your orders and view previous orders. You will see this at the top of our website and if you are using your mobile it will be at the top of the menu bar.