1 Day Course:     £300
(Mask or Machine not included)

Fully accredited, the course includes training in the Mask and Machine, 1 day training and full manual. All products and equipment required, for the training will be provided. Machines are not included but we can help with where to get them.

LED Light Therapy Training Course Essex
LED Light Therapy Training Course Essex
You do not need any prior experience for this course, we can teach you from scratch, but we do recommend you contact your insurance company to find out what their requirements are, as they change all of the time. If you do not have an insurance company we recommend Insync Insurance, their contact number is 0330 1240730
Each course will be a maximum group of 6 trainees, to ensure you get full support throughout your training. We also offer training to salons. We provide thorough training manuals, fully accredited and insurance approved certificates, there are no hidden costs with our training courses. You will be working on each other.
LED Light Therapy Training Course Essex
You will be awarded your full certificate on the day of training.
Course Details :-
Introduction, Health & Safety, Legislation's, Consultations, Equipment, Contraindications, Application Method, Skin Structure, Protective Clothing, Aftercare and Trouble Shooting
A totally natural, non invasive method for skin rejuvenation. The light from the LED interacts with cells and stimulates them to produce new collagen and elastin. Studies confirm that the same LED energy can be used to inhibit collagen formation, which can be helpful in the treatment of scars, by manipulating the wavelengths, cells can be turned on and off.
It can also reduce the appearance of acne scaring, fine lines & wrinkles, helping topical products soak into the skin and makeup to go on the face smoother.
LED Light Therapy, can be used on its own or with other treatments.
The treatment is painless and very safe, provided a trained therapist undertakes it. 
Bella Mai Academy Award
Bella Mai Academy Award

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